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    A B 40-S Semi-Automatic Ear Welding Machine was delivered to one of Larsen's customers in May 2013.
    This machine is used for welding ears, type Larsen 5.3, semi-automatically to round, cylindrical cans.
    Separation and infeed of the ears as well as the welding process are all automatic; the infeed and orientation of the cans is manual.
  • 1 SFM 2/400

    These machines are capable of stretch forming either soldered or welded can bodies. The final shape of the can is determined by the tools which are build for the machine: rectangular, oval, mandolin shaped, square with rounded ends or virtually any other shape within the limitations of the material used.
  • 2 FM

    The FM machine is a semi-automatic stretch forming machine suitable for production of all kinds of expanded cans. The cross section of the can body may be irregular e. g. square, rectangular, oval, pear-shaped or round, (e. g. conical pails or drums), with or without beads. 
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Welcome to Bertil Ohlsson

For more than 40 years Bertil Ohlsson has designed, manufactured and marketed automatic and semi-automatic machines for expanding and shaping for the can industry for business partners all over the world, permanently improving the quality, reliability and speed by incorporating modern techniques whenever possible.

In 2002 Klinghammer was able to announce the takeover of Bertil Ohlsson, the Swedish manufacturer of expanding and shaping machines. The takeover of the product range 'Larsen', the former Danish manufacturer of machines for welding and bailing, in 2012 makes it possible to deliver canmakers with complete 'back ends' of production lines for 3-piece cans from a single source.

With the VLM Compact-Line Bertil Ohlsson reacts to the individual requirements of can manufacturers and offers solutions for a highly flexible and efficient production line.

Can Gallery

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VLM Compact-Line

The machine line for the production of round and irregular three-piece-cans.
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