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Bertil Ohlsson

Klinghammer Can Technology, Bertil Ohlsson Can Technology and Larsen Can Technology combined under a new name: Klinghammer Group GmbH

Klinghammer, Bertil Ohlsson and Larsen, each gained a worldwide reputation for the uncompromising quality of their can making machines and equipment. 275 years of experience and competence in can technology are now coming together as Klinghammer Group GmbH.

By combining our forces we streamlined our internal processes and improved our competitiveness. Our Management team consists of industry experts who speak the language of can technology and who collaborate with you to deliver the outcomes you are seeking.
Klinghammer Group is an independent, privately owned company, and as such we only have to answer to you, our customers. This means we can think and act long-term and invest in productive business relationships with our clients.
This also means, we don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of our machines, our equipment and our service.
We understand that your business depends on quality and reliability and we’ve now combined the forces of three renown brands in order to serve our clients even better, and to help them serve their clients better.

For more than 40 years Bertil Ohlsson has designed, manufactured and marketed automatic and semi-automatic Maschinen zum Expandieren und Formen für die Dosenindustrie. Geschäftspartner auf der ganzen Welt schätzen Qualität, Verlässlichkeit und Geschwindigkeit der Maschinen.

In 2002 Klinghammer was able to announce the takeover of Bertil Ohlsson, the Swedish manufacturer of expanding and shaping machines. The takeover of the product range Larsen, the former Danish manufacturer of machines for welding and bailing, in 2012 makes it possible to deliver canmakers with complete 'back ends' of production lines for 3-piece cans from a single source.

Can Gallery

Take a look at a selection of the cans that can be manufactured on our machines.
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