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AFMR 150/200
AFMR 250/400
AFMR 350/500

The AFMR machine is designed for automatic forming of cylindrical, soldered or welded bodies. The body can be formed to rectangular, oval or pear-shaped cross-section, depending on the tooling mounted in the machine. The AFMR machine is designed with two stations. In the first station the cylindrical body is overlap-controlled, i.e. the overlap is always placed in right position in relation to the cross-section of the body or decoration, if any. The overlap can be placed 360° along the whole circumference of the body. In the second station a tooling is mounted. This tooling makes the design of the body.

AFMR 150/200-D
AFMR 250/400-D
AFMR 350/500-D

The AFMR-D machine has been designed to meet the steadily increasing demand for higher output in the stretch-forming of irregular cans.
To secure the higher output the machine is a dual-headed version of the AFMR stretch-forming machine, well-known since many years.
The AFMR-D machine is able to handle cylindrical bodies with soldered or welded ("butterfly" or WIMA) side seam.
The body can be formed into square, rectangular, oval or pear-shaped cross-section. The walls can be parallel or conical depending on tooling.
The AFMR-D machine is designed with two stations in each "level". One station for positioning the side-seam and one station with the required tool, where the body is expanded.
Consequently the machine needs two identical tools for each shape or dimension of the can manufactured.

AFMK 150/200
AFMK 250/400
AFMK 350/500

The AFMK-machine is designed for automatic stretch-forming of a cylindric, soldered or welded body. The body can be formed conical or cylindrical, with or without head, cylindrical top, necking in, depending on the tooling mounted in the machine. The AFMK-machine is designed with one working-station, where the expanding tool is mounted. This means that the position of the overlap can not be controlled. Should you want to control the position of the overlap, for example always have the overlap in the middle of one segment, we recommend our machine, type AFMR, which is also used for irregular cans.

Further information is available for this machine (leaflet, photos and video). Please contact us at if you are interested.