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Gallery - Shapes of Cans

To Serve and to Expand

Bertil Ohlsson has been building expanders for over thirty years. Their well known and proven types of single and dual head stretch forming machines can expand and shape welded cans into rectangular, oval, and round-cornered squares or virtually any shape within the limitation of the material used.
Mit den gleichsam bekannten wie bewährten Modellen in den Ausführungen Ein- und Zweikopf-Formmaschinen können geschweißte Dosen zu rechteckigen, ovalen und rundkantigen Formen oder in jede andere beliebige Form in Abhängigkeit des verwendeten Materials gebracht werden.

Would you like to learn more and see the variety of cans shaped by Bertil Ohlsson tools? Then please visit our gallery!

Modern three-piece can production lines are technologically advanced, precise and efficient, capable also of producing more unusual forms with extremely high quality graphics, ideal for creative new product development. Installing a can shaping machine can convert ordinary straight-side cans into eye-catching products that greatly improve shelf appearance.

The production rate of the machines is between 20 and 150 cans per minute, depending on the model of the machine and the shape of the can. Bertil Ohlsson builds the machines from scratch and designs their tools according to individual customer demands.

Roll-former machines and conveyors for cans and pails are also part of Ohlsson's wide range of products.
Die Produktpalette von Ohlsson umfasst auch Rundemaschinenund Transportanlagen für Dosen und Eimer.

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