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Semi-automatic Stretch Forming Machine

The FM machine is a semi-automatic stretch forming machine suitable for production of all kinds of expanded cans. The cross section of the can body may be irregular e. g. square, rectangular, oval, pear-shaped or round, (e. g. conical pails or drums), with or without beads. The sides of the expanded body may be parallel or conical. The tooling is mounted in a vertical slide system and connected with hydraulic bayonet catches, assuring a very easy change-over from one can size to another. Due to the very short change-over time, the FM machine is well suited for small scale production or as a supplement to avoid changing more over complicated automatic equipment by smaller series. As toolings are always made to suit the FM as well as our automatic range of machinery, it is often suitable to start up a production of a new product by using the FM. If the new product proves successful the same tooling can be used in an automatic machine with higher output.

Further information is available for this machine (leaflet, photos and video). Please contact us at if you are interested.

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