Bertil Ohlsson
Can Technology GmbH
Am Hafen 2
38112 Braunschweig

+49 531 30006-50
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We all expect good value for money when we purchase a product.

We would therefore like to inform you about our special offer: invest in top quality products at value for money prices!

Bertil Ohlsson Can Technology offers you a variety of used machines which have been completely overhauled: this means that

  • each machine has been completely disassembled and cleaned;
  • in each machine all damaged parts have been exchanged for new ones;
  • in each machine all parts subject to wear and tear will be new;
  • each machine has completely new electrical installations;
  • each machine is equipped with new toolings;
  • each machine has been newly painted;
  • each machine has been modernised.

As a professional you will know that a machine with these features will still run to top performance and be of the same high quality as ever!

But what you cannot be expected to know is that such quality is now affordable at special low prices! Buy 100 % quality and save 30 % of your budget!