Bertil Ohlsson
Can Technology GmbH
Am Hafen 2
38112 Braunschweig

+49 531 30006-50
+49 531 30006-45

Bertil Ohlsson's customers have the opportunity of sharing the company's know-how, built up over a period of more than 100 years: the customer can access our know-how-database, on the Internet, which contains instruction manuals and information for fast and easy trouble-shooting and maintenance 24 hours a day. Additionally, Klinghammer offers fast and reliable "first aid" with theGet-it-Going-Hotline. Using the WebShop, customer support and purchase orders can be handled more cost-effectively and rapidly. Customers can order spare parts exempt from charges by identifying the components with photographs and the appropriate identification numbers. Enquiries and orders can be placed on the Internet or by simply filling out a standard form.