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A new generation in technology

The series of SFM stretch forming machines has been developed for stretch forming can bodies to meet the steadily increasing demands for higher output. The machine is based on the same principle as the well known and proven types of single and dual head stretch forming machines of the AFMR series.

  • SFM 1
  • SFM 11
  • SFM 2
  • SFM 22

These machines are capable of stretch forming either soldered or welded can bodies. The final shape of the can is determined by the tools which are build for the machine: rectangular, oval, mandolin shaped, square with rounded ends or virtually any other shape within the limitations of the material used.

The bodies are transported from the infeed chutes, through a side seam locating station and into the stretch forming tools and from here to a mechanical star wheel ejection system, which is driven by a Ferguson indexing gearbox. In the side seam locating station the seam is located by means of a servo motor and the can is rotated to the correct position prior to the stretch forming, it is possible to integrate this machine into a line without it having to be directly behind the welder, thus avoiding the problems associated with this.

This makes it uncomplicated for the use in line layouts and means that machines for side seam striping or powder coating and curing can be put after the welder and in front of the stretch forming operation. It is therefor possible to leave out the stretch forming process altogether for the production of non-stretch formed cans on the same production line.

The delivery, assembly and initial operation of our machines is also part of our business.

Further information is available for this machine (leaflet, photos and video). Please contact us at if you are interested.

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